For some women, improving their understanding of men might be challenging. They make an effort to comprehend why he acts in a particular way or says things that seem strange to her. Because of this, the girlfriend or wife could strive to “better” or “alter” the male.

Men typically respond badly to this. If you don’t like us as we are, we can’t continue to be in a relationship with you. I used to do a lot of tiny things that really irritated my wife, but thanks to some cunning psychological techniques, she was able to improve me without making me resent her. In case, when your wife is not taking care of your, you will say that i hate my wife.

Good Trade


Actually, this method is quite basic. It is based on the idea of obligation and is explored in some detail in Cialdini’s research on persuasion. She inquired about my pet peeves with her and noted them all. “OK, I’ll stop correcting you when you talk,” she said.

In order to repay you for whatever you do for someone, you expect them to do something for you in return. After a month, I genuinely felt that she appreciated me more since she made an effort to do so and listened to me the entire time. To change my negative behaviors for her made me joyful.

Things I Despise


My inclination to speak too quickly in front of others was something I didn’t like about myself, and my wife actually started by helping me modify it. She merely assisted me in regaining my composure when I became agitated in front of others. I felt more grateful to her for her assistance in helping me resolve a problem of mine by facing a problem that we both didn’t enjoy. As a result, I altered a trait about myself that I thought was amusing but she found annoying.

Combining forces


The final tactic my wife used to improve our relationship was having me serve as her accountability partner. She tries to overcome some of her own problems, but without someone to keep an eye on her, she reverts to her old ways. She stopped biting her fingernails once I started asking about her daily progress.

She was my accountability partner, which is why I also no longer have the bad habit of cursing out loud when I’m angry. She and I both swore less and chewed our nails, correspondingly. She disliked my profanity, and by making me assist her, she subtly resolved my issue. Issues from the side wife can oppressed the husband to think that i hate my wife.

Try one of those three ways to improve your man if you want to learn more about men and how to help us to break our poor behaviors. The best part is that he won’t resent you for doing it and will be grateful that you improved as a result.

Jack Keys is married to a lovely woman, and the two of them have a stunning kid. After only six months of marriage, things had already started to go south. Jack used his psychology degree to assess what was wrong with their marriage and put it back on solid ground.

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