Where are you going to live when you move out on your own? If your rent is due, and you don’t have much saved up for a down payment on an apartment of your own, it might not be practical to look too high-end. But that doesn’t mean that rent has to be expensive either! With a bit of resourcefulness and the perfect strategy, finding a reputable yet affordable place for rent can be easier than one expects.

Kosai City Apartment in Japan was designed by the Japanese architectural firm Atelier Oi. The building’s name comprises two kanji characters – ‘Koso,’ meaning ‘high quality, and ‘ai,’ probably from the word ‘aiueo,’ meaning love or a pair of lovers. The building has a very 21 st century look, but it also looks very traditional. What’s interesting about this building is that it was built on a small island surrounded by beautiful greenery, right in the middle of Japan. However, one would not expect a contemporary structure here since many beautiful buildings are already constructed around this island.

An excellent place to start looking for a cheap apartment for rent is with friends, family, or co-workers. You can use them to help you with information regarding the current housing market in the area where you plan to move in. Parents, relatives, and friends may know of apartments that have just become available or that they know of tenants who will carry out soon. They may know of buildings where maintenance is not very strict, making it easier for families or young couples to rent.

The position of the sun when you look through your window at home can significantly affect your mood and well-being. If you live in a place with very little sunlight, you may feel stressed or depressed. You might not be in an amiable disposition if all your furniture points away from the window, or even worse – the windows are painted shut or covered with thick curtains.

During your house hunt, look for apartments in buildings with large windows. Such windows can fill up rooms with light, especially if there is only one window per room. You will also get a lot more light if your windows face east and west rather than north and south.

You should also look for apartments in buildings with a lot of southern exposure. This means that the entire apartment is filled with light, and you’ll feel happier when you wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, and see a lot of sunlight through your window.

Lastly, look for apartments in buildings with large windows built from all-natural materials. You’ll be able to see more sunlight coming through glass panes made from real glass or glass blocks compared to windows made of vinyl or plastic sheets. Transparency is key in increasing the amount of sunlight allowed into your living space.



日本の湖西市のアパートは、日本の建築事務所アトリエ大井によって設計されました。建物の名前は、高品質を意味する「高素」と、おそらく愛や恋人を意味する「あいうえお」という言葉に由来する「愛」の2つの漢字で構成されています。建物は非常に 21 世紀の外観をしていますが、非常に伝統的でもあります。この建物の興味深い点は、日本の真ん中、美しい緑に囲まれた小さな島に建てられたことです。しかし、この島の周りにはすでに多くの美しい建物が建設されているため、ここに現代的な構造は期待できません。

家賃の安いアパートを探すのに最適な場所は、友人、家族、または同僚と一緒です。引っ越しを予定している地域の現在の住宅市場に関する情報を入手するのに役立ちます。両親、親戚、友人は、空室になったばかりのアパートや、間もなく入居するテナントを知っているかもしれません。 .彼らは、メンテナンスがそれほど厳しくなく、家族や若いカップルが借りやすい建物を知っているかもしれません.


家探しの際は、大きな窓のある建物のアパートを探してください。湖西 アパート このような窓は、特に部屋ごとに窓が 1 つしかない場合、部屋を光で満たすことができます。また、窓が南北ではなく東西に面している場合は、より多くの光を得ることができます。


最後に、すべて自然素材で作られた大きな窓のある建物のアパートを探してください。ビニールやプラスチック シートで作られた窓と比較して、本物のガラスやガラス ブロックで作られた窓ガラスを通して、より多くの日光が差し込むのを見ることができます。透明性は、生活空間に入る日光の量を増やす上で重要です。

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